Robert Holmes Birthday Superfan Support


Robert Holmes Birthday Superfan Support

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I first want to say thank you for believing in me and the music that I create. For my birthday I'd like you to be a part and invest in my new EP titled "One More Chance". This will be an exclusive, limited project and will not be listed on any other platform for months. This means so much to have you support my vision. There will be two options. The basic and premium license. The basic option is a cool way to say I believe in you and want to support you. The premium option says the same, but includes a One More Chance T-shirt and allows you to earn 1% of my songs streaming royalties revenue. Premium members will receive this monthly revenue stream for 12 months. Finally, I appreciate you for loving me enough to invest and buy my music. Thank you!


The EP files will be emailed to you by 10/22/2021.